The story behind Ladies in DevOps

Ladies in DevOps was first created by Pauline after recording an inspiring podcast episode with 3 DevOps Engineers (Erleene, Rahmat & Yasmin).

You can listen to the episode below or whatever your favourite podcast platform is. 🎧 If you prefer to read the transcript of the episode, check it out here!

Off the back of that conversation, we highlighted two things:

      1| We often find ourselves being the only woman in our DevOps teams. This can be quite isolating.
      2| There lacks visibility of the exciting career opportunities in the DevOps space compared to Software Engineering.
Our mission with this community is to try and change that.

Our Community

A huge thank you to Pauline, Erleene, Yasmin for initiating, setting up and facilitating this community. And of course also to everyone else here who is contribution and making this an awesome place. It feels wonderful to be here.

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The lessons from building community

Pauline delivered this talk at Programmed in Pencil meet-up. She shared her learnings on building an inclusive community, making mistakes, taking on feedback and creating a safe space for all.

This may give you an insight on what it's like in the Ladies in DevOps community.

Join us today!

We welcome all self-identifying women who are in that DevOps profession already (or similar - e.g. Site Reliability Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Operational Support) and/or those who are interested in learning more from a tight-knit community.

We currently have over 550+ members from all around the world! 🌎 Join our growing community today 👇🏼